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   AP Capital Investments is a Buy-and-Build private equity investment and strategic advisory firm founded in 2007.  We are focused on performance improvement and industry consolidation in the middle market. We operate in the US and in Europe with an interest in the Middle East and other Emerging Markets. Our access to capital, industry experts and management talent through our broad network in the United States, Europe, the Middle East and other emerging markets allows us to provide a unique level of added value to our investments. 

Our approach is to research and identify attractive market segments where we can facilitate consolidation and where we can become a value-added business partner to the acquired companies.  We understand the importance of consulting extensively with senior managers, operations executives, sales and marketing teams, as well as customers, suppliers and other industry experts to fully understand the opportunities and risks of the businesses we enter.

We help improve the growth profile and profitability of acquired businesses through our Full Potential Approach. Our program includes the implementation of the right strategy, strong emphasis on execution in operational excellence, organizational alignment and the right financing.  It may be complemented with select follow on acquisitions to strengthen the customer base or the offering.

Key Segments for Investments


  We invest in a variety of segments that have attractive fundamentals measured by:

  • Low cyclicality
  • High barriers to entry
  • Good growth and profitability prospects
  • Opportunity for differentiation
  • Potential for consolidation


We have particular emphasis on:

  1. High value added manufacturing and distribution businesses, including Aerospace and Defense, Industrial Automation, Testing and Measurement, Medical Devices and Clean Technologies
  2. Businesses driven by strong demographics and recession-proof assets (e.g. healthcare services, infrastructure, niche services, emerging real-estate markets)

Investment Criteria


We invest in a variety of growth, buyout, recapitalization and consolidation transactions.
Our typical deal sizes and desired characteristics are:

  • Demonstrated ability to withstand economic downturns
  • Low-cost operations relative to industry peers
  • Annual revenues of EUR 50M and up
  • EBITDA of EUR 5M to EUR 25M 
  • Strong return on net assets
  • Strong EBITDA to free cash flow conversion

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